Product Design

The major was the earliest industrial design discipline of the country and the only brand specialty in Jiangsu Province. In the 50 years of development, it has formed the teaching and research features science of design, and has had a significant influence domestically and worldwide. Product design was established upon the existing industrial design major in the context of existing industrial era, being expanded to the broader sense of user-centered design of creation.

And it develops from the original emphasis on function, shape, aesthetic, construction, materials, colors to the attention on design innovative thinking development training, the use of the theory of design methods and advanced design skills and the means. Product design is a comprehensive discipline focusing on both the design flow method and the design practices, which integrates aesthetics, anthropology, sociology, management science, art, design, psychology and other humanities disciplines.

It also pays attention to research and application of ergonomics, materials technology. This major aims to develop compound talents with a good understanding of the shape of things and analysis capabilities, design and creative ability, aesthetic ability and practical ability, as well as an international vision, good communication and collaboration skills and ability to develop innovative products, and outstanding ability in coordination and management.

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